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By J.A. Konrath

JA Konrath, writer of the Lt. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels thrilller sequence (Whiskey bitter, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail, soiled Martini, Fuzzy Navel, Cherry Bomb, Shaken, Stirred, Rum Runner, final name) deals a huge 180,000 observe number of sixty-five formerly released brief tales from the mystery, horror, and comedy genres, together with many from his award-winning series.

Stories to make you giggle, scream, flinch, imagine, scratch your head, and roll your eyes. This assortment has whatever to thrill all types of Kindle reader, and is a cheap option to get brought to the writer and his work.

Contents include:

INTRODUCTION by means of JA Konrath
On the Rocks - Jack Daniels solves a locked room mystery
Whelp sought after - Harry McGlade turns into a dognapper
Street track - Phineas Troutt hunts a prostitute
The one who bought Away - The Gingerbread Man's final victim
With a Twist - Jack Daniels solves an most unlikely crime
Epitaph - Phineas Troutt avenges a death
Taken to the Cleaners - Harry McGlade goofs off
Body pictures - Jack Daniels at a faculty shooting
Suffer - Phineas Troutt as a hitman
Overproof - Jack Daniels discovers what's preventing traffic
Bereavement - Phineas Troutt as hitman
Pot Shot - Herb Benedict will get shot at
Last Request - Phineas Troutt meets his match
Planter's Punch - Jack Daniels meets Tom Schreck's Duffy Domborwski
Truck cease - Jack Daniels meets Taylor from AFRAID and Donaldson from SERIAL


The massive men - flash fiction
The contract - very nasty noir
A Fistful of comfortable - a satire of the comfortable genre
Cleansing - against the law of biblical proportions
Lying Eyes - resolve it yourself
Perfect Plan - resolve it yourself
Piece of Cake - remedy it yourself
Animal appeal - resolve it yourself
Basketcase - hardboiled horror
Urgent answer wanted - the best way to care for spammers
Blaine's Deal - parody of hardboiled noir
The Confession - terrible noir

Finicky Eater - nuclear holocaust and cannibals
The Screaming - Van Helsing lives
Mr. Pull Ups - physique amendment horror
The Shed - a few losers locate the door to hell
Them's stable Eats - rednecks vs. aliens
First Time - a young coming of age story
Forgiveness - the genesis of evil
Redux - ghost tale noir
The Bag - what is within the bag?
Careful, He Bites - lyncanthrope flash fiction
Symbios - sci-fi horror
A subject of flavor - zombie flash fiction
Embrace - gothic fiction
Trailer Sucks - gross out gore
Markey - mental horror
Punishment Room - awful suspense
Shapeshifter's nameless - humorous paranormal
SERIAL - with Blake Crouch
Dear Diary - a dip into madness
The Eagle - early horror
A Sound of Blunder - with F. Paul Wilson

Light Drizzle - parody of hitman stories
Mr. Spaceman - technology fiction satire
Don't Press That Button! - essay on James Bond
Piranha Pool - comedy approximately writing
Well Balanced Meal - gross out humor
A Newbie's consultant to Thrillerfest - essay on writing conventions
Inspector Oxnard - parody of mysteries
Appalachian Lullaby - radioactive monkeys
One evening simply - funny story
An Archaeologist's tale - satire
Could Stephanie Plum automobile relatively Get vehicle assurance? - essay
Cozy or Hardboiled? - essay
Addiction - comedy approximately writing
Weigh to head - humor column approximately future health clubs
Cub Scout Gore ceremonial dinner - with Jeff Strand
Hint Fiction - 4 large shorts

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