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By Wadham Pigott Williams

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"It is now approximately six years in the past that the Committee of the Somersetshire Arch?ological Society requested me to bring together a word list of the Dialect or archaic language of the County, and positioned into my palms a helpful selection of phrases via the overdue Mr. Edward Norris, doctor, of South Petherton. i've got accomplished this activity to the easiest of my skill, with the type co-operation of our overdue first-class Secretary, WM. ARTHUR JONES; and the result's sooner than the general public. We freely made use of Norris, Jennings, Halliwell, or the other collector of phrases that lets locate, omitting mere peculiarities of pronunciation, and that i enterprise to wish it is going to turn out that we've got no longer neglected a lot that's left of that attention-grabbing outdated language, which these nice innovators, the Printing Press, the Railroad, and the Schoolmaster, are quick using abroad. "

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To take or catch, to receive as well as earn wages; ex. To vang a fire, to vang money; also to stand sponsor (A S fangen ) Vare s. weasel or stoat. Vair ermine Vare v. to bring forth young, applied to pigs (from farrow) Varmint s. a vermin Vaught part. fetched, hence the proverb vur dear a-bought vaught Vawth s. a bank of dung or earth prepared for manure; litter of pigs Vay, or Vie v. to go, to succeed, to turn out well (Fr. va'tail) ex. How doe't vay wi'ye? Veelvare, Veldevere s. field-fare Vell s.

Intensitive, ex. Terrible good Thic, Thicky, Thicky-there, Thickumy, Thickumy-there pron. that (Chaucer thilk) Thiller s. the shaft horse Thill-harness opposed to trace harness Tho adv. then, ex. I couldn't go tho, but I went afterwards Thong v. to stretch out into viscous threads or filaments Thongy adj. viscid, ropy Thornen adj. made of thorns Thurt v. to thwart, to plough crossways Thurt-handled adj. thwart-handled Thurt-saw s. a thwart-saw, a cross-cut saw Tilty adj. , easily tilt or lifted up Timmern adj.

I will not touch it Mesh s. moss; lichen on apple-trees Mesh s. a hare's creep or run v. to run through the same Mess, Messy v. to serve cattle with hay s. Messin Mid, Med v. might, ex. Nor zed a mid; midst, medst, ex. Thou medst if wouldst Midgerim s. mesentery Mid'n might not, ex. I mid or I mid'n Mig in the same sense Milemas s. Michaelmas Mind v. to remember Misky form of misty Miz-maze s. confusion Mog v. to decamp, march off Mooch v. to stroke down gently Mood s. the mother of vinegar Mole s.

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