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Cattle’ ‘farm’ ‘guide/show’ ‘neck’ [ʁ ʁ] [֙] [gO֙o⁄] [gOÂo⁄] ‘inside’ ‘step back’ [x] [X] [doxt’u⁄] [doXsu⁄] [la⁄x] [laXub] ‘swirl’ ‘round’ ‘six’ ‘soft’ [x] [h] [box] [mEh] ‘knee’ ‘money’ The distribution of consonant phonemes in Dime In this section we demonstrate the various positions of phonemes in words and formations of consonant clusters. We show the distribution of consonants by classifying them according to their manner of articulation which is one of the basic compo- Phonology 19 nents of speech production.

L ÎÈ⁄l ‘flour’ ‘medicine’ 87b. gibzi g´⁄bzi ‘asleep’ ‘local beer’ 88. /i/ contrasts with /È/ 88a. girs‹ gÈrsi ‘porcupine’ ‘recovery of illness’ 88b. bÈ⁄Ni ki⁄Ni ‘spear’ ‘spider’ 89. /e/ contrasts with /E/ ke⁄ts kE⁄ne⁄ 90. ‘taboo’ ‘dog’ /o/ contracts with /O/ 90a. gObe go⁄mp 90b. wO⁄Âђn ‘cattle’ wo⁄g ‘custom’ 90c. kOxu koku ‘Basketo person’ ‘back’ ‘crow’ ‘bird species’ As Bender (1986:125) states, in Omotic languages a five vowel system is very common. However, in some Omotic languages including Dime, other vowels exist.

Chapter 3 48 In example (33a-b) we see that the case marker is affixed to the modifier if the latter is the last element of the phrase. If instead, the word order of NP is modifier-head, -im is attached to the noun as in example (34). 34. s#iftaye s’a⁄n-ub zit-is⁄-im s#in-i-n shiftaye black-M ox-DEF-ACC buy-PF-3 ‘Shiftaye bought the ox’ It is observed that the accusative can be marked two or more times in a sentence as in (35) and (36), where it is marked both on the modifier and the head noun.

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