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G. bārkāỳ ‘monkey’). The transcription of Sheko data generally follows a surface-phonemic principle, except when it occurs between phonetic brackets. Applying this principle means that an allophone of an underlying phoneme is written different from the default realisation if the allophone can be represented by (is very similar to) the default realisation of another phoneme. Thus, the syllabic nasal / n̩ /, which is underlying alveolar but assimilates to the preceding or following consonant is written m̩ when it has the phonetic value of [ m̩ ] adjacent to a labial.

Therefore it is presented together with velar consonants rather than bilabial consonants in the consonant overview at the beginning of this chapter. The example below demonstrates that w patterns with the velar consonants. (60) a. b. m̩ =bààs-kì-k 1SG=want-exist-REAL ‘I want’ n̩=gèètʂʼù-kì-k 1SG=laugh-exist-REAL ‘I am laughing’ [ ʔm̩ bà k] [ ʔŋg ̩ èeʈ̀ ʂʼʊ̀ k ] 60 c. 2 Distribution The distribution of the syllabic nasal in nouns is restricted to the second syllable. (61) ʃāpʼm̄ kūbm̄ ʈʂʼádǹ ūūtǹ sagǹ kásń ʔyázń ‘larvae of bees’ ‘four’ ‘war’ ‘rat’ ‘nine’ ‘whiskers’ ‘right’ dīkǹ ‘heel’ kōok ̄ n̄ ‘road’ tsʼííkʼǹ ‘charcoal’ ʔyátsʼń ‘moon’ úʃń ‘flower’ góórʐń ‘throat, gullet’ ʃōrǹ ‘fear’ Like nouns, verb stems never have a syllabic nasal in the initial syllable.

G. g. use of conjunctions and highlighting devices). As such, the texts complemented data collected through elicitation, while at the same time providing new input for elicitation. Lastly, apart from the linguistic value, the various types of texts form part of the cultural heritage of the Sheko and some will be used in alphabetisation as reading materials. This project is part of the endangered languages programme of the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). 5 Ato (Amh) ‘mister’; Qes (Amh) ‘reverend’.

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