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By Purtle, Dale I.

This eight-volume audiolingual path in average Cambodian has been ready for college students who've accomplished both an introductory college-level process 365 days or have had a radical process numerous months. fabric within the first volumes, "Book I--Part One" and "Book I--Part Two," introduces the sound procedure with phonology drills and comprises vocabulary perform, narratives, substitution drills, dialogs and conversation drills, grammar notes and drills, and translation exams. fabric in "Book II--Part One,""Book II--Part Two,""Book III--Part One," and "Book III--Part " looks within the kind of spontaneous dialogs, substitution drills, and assessments. classes within the ultimate volumes, "Book IV--Part One" and "Book IV--Part Two," are made from sections on interrogation perform, army terminology drills, and comprehension exams. The content material of the fabric during the path displays Cambodian tradition. All texts, dialogs, and drills seem with English equivalents

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Both routes are ideal types, and neither can be regarded ‘morally superior’ or ‘politically less harmful’. The latter is a major reason why Kohn’s (1944, 1955) distinction between a civic (citizenshipbased) type of nationalism and a (supposedly more dangerous) ethnic type is now considered quite problematical (Brubaker, 1996, 1998; Yack, 1996; Zimmer, 2003). Not all of today’s states are nation-states in that sense, but they are ‘constantly tempted to become so’ (Parekh, 1995: 38), and if they contain a dominant ethnie it is very likely that their nationbuilding efforts will reflect its cultural preferences, including its language.

This explains why many of Europe’s non-dominant ethnocultural groups pursue an ambiguous line in relation to nationalism. Condemning homogenisation practices pursued by their respective national governments, minority elites have also been seen to reinforce the logic of nationalism to make their case and to exert assimilation pressure within their communities for the sake of unity. Nationhood can be approached abstractly as a principle of social organisation or, at the level of socio-political facts, as a range of institutional structures and symbolic practices.

In the absence of despotic enforcement, free societies need to generate some mechanism of self-enforcement. Stability requires a ‘healthy degree of what used to be called patriotism, a strong sense of identification with the polity, and a willingness to give of oneself for its sake’ (Taylor, 1997: 40), and while allegiances based on pre-political identites such as ethnicity, language, culture and/or religion are not the only means to generate such commitments, they have proved a fairly efficient ‘fuel’ for strong citizen identification even in states that claim to have formally been established along ‘civic’ lines.

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