An Outline of Cambodian Grammar - download pdf or read online

By F.E. Huffman

A vintage. capability to Cambodian what L.C. Thompson capacity to Vietnamese

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The articulator Tongueroot and its feature [advanced] are not relevant for Chinese and will be ignored. Besides the features in (10), there are some that can be made by more than one articulator. They have been called manner features, stricture features, major-class features, and articulator-free features. Commonly used manner features are [consonantal], [sonorant], [strident], [fricative], and [stop] (or [continuant]). For present purposes, only two are needed, [fricative] and [stop], following Padgett (1995) (Coleman 1996 also argues against the manner feature [consonantal], but for somewhat different reasons).

The articulatory relation between palatals on the one hand and palatalized dentals and palatalized dorsals, on the other, can also explain the fact that present-day palatals in SC come from two historical sources: palatalized dentals and palatalized dorsals. Two examples are shown in (42) (from L. Wang 1980: 79). (42) Historical [kjan] → [tsjan] → Present [tɕan] ‘see’ [tɕan] ‘arrow’ In addition, the articulatory analysis can account for the fact that in translation from English into Chinese both dentals and velars can turn into palatals, as noted by Y.

All three high vowels can occur before a non-high vowel, in which case they are written as glides, as shown in (48). 5, [w] can alternate with [ʋ] for many Beijing speakers. The high vowels can also occur in CG combinations, where they are represented as glides, as shown in (49). 10. VOWELS 37 Some studies propose that [y] can be replaced by [iu] (see Hartman 1944; Hockett 1947; Martin 1957; Hsueh 1986), which I do not pursue. Otherwise there is little controversy in the analysis of the high vowels.

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