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Предмет данного исследования - язык Древнего Египта. Используя данные современной лингвистики, автор рассматривает иероглифическую систему и ее рукописные варианты, фонетику, морфологию и синтаксис древнеегипетского языка, а также анализирует генетические связи с другими языками Ближнего Востока.Образцы сканов:

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A last problem is represented by the fate of the phoneme fi/. Its existence, although not excluded, is in fact very doubtful. 'he g a p h i c distribution of etymological /f/ is identical with that of etymological Rl, including /r'/ < /j/, /w/, /r/. / "to become manyv vs. / "10000" vs. 7 The vocalic phonemes of Sahidic Coptic VOWELS STRESSED UNSTRESSED SHORT LONG <(€)I>l i d FRONT , <0> /e178 , <0> /a/ CENTRAL < t i > le:/ la1 RACK 101 < o r > /u:/ W h e n compared with the preceding phases in the history of Egyptian, the vocalic system of Coptic exhibits the further consequences of the Late Egyptian sound change.

TO=H n3j-k > MEH-. 10). 7. S. " Determinative and relative pronouns are formed by means of a base n, which builds the determinative series masc. sing. no), fem. t, pl. w, used as genitival marker: nzw no) h . w jm "the place in which the gods are," lit. wj=kj ntj mss=k jm=sn(j) "your eyes with which you see," lit. 3). " These relative pronouns are functionally equivalent to a positive relative pronoun ntj controlling a negative predication: Pt. t-f;87 Urk. I 192,14 jwtj w = f "who does not have a son," equivalent to "hfj m mf: Save for the expected phonological developments, determinative and relative pronouns survive unchanged in later Egyptian; the use of the genitival pronoun no) is gradually expanded, the old construct state being \ limited in Coptic to few bound constructions.

3 Root, rtnn, word language by means of inflectional affues (in Egyptian for the most part suffies), which convey deictic markers and other grammatical functions such as gender, number, tense and aspect, and voice. 1 offers common examples of derivational patterns of Egyptian words from roots and stems. pl. *sanilwaw 'brothersw *sansan "to be friendly with" Infinitive *3abAd "month" sing. *3abildaw'monthsw PI. *n8lar "god" sing. *nal&-aw 'gods" PI. ) masc. adjective fem. s. s. s. Active participle *s6dim 'the one who hears" Passive participle *sAdmiw 'the one who is heard" < **samiw *&d "to say" Infinitive Passive part.

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