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Ko-ghanaghana-dira na ghaoka dini DU-thinking-PS:3PL ART woman DEM:PL 'those two women's thinking' See page 47 for a more complete discussion of direct possession. 5 Indirect possessor There are two classes of indirectly possessed nouns: the “oral consumable” class indicated with the classifier gha and another “general” class indicated with the classifier ni. To each of these classifiers is joined the set of direct possessor pronoun suffixes to indicate person and number. The “general” indirect possessor pronouns, used with alienably possessed nouns, are in (71).

Example (47) demonstrates specific reference with the construction a DEM na N. ' ART DEM:SG ART The noun ghai 'stick' is given specific status with this construction. Example (48) serves to demonstrate non-specific reference. at-O:3SG ART one ART island small 'and they two arrived at a small island' The turtle and the fish were trying to outdo one another: diving deep, going under rocks, and so on. They were each unable to best the other until marako dea thaia a sakai na kokomu kikiki 'they arrived at a small island'.

There are two classes of words— quantifiers and indirect possessor pronouns—that can be found between na 'ART' and the noun. In (30) an intervening quantifier leoni 'all, every' is present. (30) Ighamu na leoni tinoni k-amu rongo mai! ' 20 In (31) both a quantifier (balu 'some') and an indirect possessor pronoun (nigua 'PS:1SG') are found between na and the noun. PL-PAU go carry-O:3PL ART some PS:1SG stick 'I want we few to go carry my sticks' The situation found in (31) is only the case when a quantifier is involved.

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