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By Kirsten Harley, Gary Wickham (auth.)

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The second-year students were compelled to take two courses – a more advanced course on research methods (including statistics) and a dedicated sociological theory course – and were allowed to choose one optional course from among the following: family and kinship, small groups, social control, social policy, social stratification, and sociology of deviance. Students who were selected as Honours students in the second year also had to undertake an additional seminar each week on ‘Marx and sociology’.

As the sociology component of this combined entity was concerned mostly to support anthropological research into the Pacific region, we think it best to treat this development not as a contender for the status we are attributing to UNSW, but as an important contribution to the teaching of sociology in a non-sociology part of Australian universities – a phenomenon we will discuss in more detail at the end of this section; in doing this, we stress, we are not seeking to gainsay its significance. The authorities at UNSW located the new chair of sociology in its new Arts Faculty, which bestowed special gravitas upon it.

2009: 16). g. Sociology and Social Practice). g. Business and Government) (Marshal et al. 5 The uneven growth of student numbers in sociology (and a hint about staff numbers) Data for student numbers in sociology across the period 1959–2014 are patchy and incomplete. Our aim in this section is to discuss two sets of raw data – one for approximately 1960–71 (covering just a selection of relevant universities) and the other for 1989–2007 (covering all universities which offered sociology) – as further evidence for the core argument of our fragility theme: that sociology in Australia has never gained a strong foothold in universities and has had to be satisfied with brief bursts of relative success clouded by constant threats of merger into ‘sociology and’ configurations or ‘and sociology’ configurations, or worse still, of closure, as in the Sydney and Melbourne examples from the early years, in the ANU example discussed immediately above, and in the more recent QUT example, discussed earlier.

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Australian Sociology: Fragility, Survival, Rivalry by Kirsten Harley, Gary Wickham (auth.)

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