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In the presence of two responsible witnesses. (We thought it right) that in the future [penalties] be paid [and received according to] whatever laws you may think are fair to both cities; [that each city appoint] as law-drafters three (men) not younger than forty years [who are incorruptible], and let the men chosen swear that they will draw up such laws as [they consider] to be best and to be of benefit to the city. After they have taken the oath, [let them draw up what] laws [they think] will be fair THE SUCCESSORS OF ALEXANDER (323–276) 13 to both cities and let them submit them within [six months].

Cf. S. L. Ager, Interstate Arbitrations in the Greek World (Berkeley, 1996), no. ) RC 3 — whoever] is sent to the Panionion, we thought it best that he should perform all the] common (ceremonies) for an equal period and should bivouac and attend the festival with [your envoys] and be called Tean. We thought it best that a building lot [be given] to each of the L[ebedians] among you equal to that which he leaves behind in Lebedos. Until the new houses are built, houses [are to be furnished to all] the Lebedians without charge: if the present city remains, one-[third of the] existing houses; if it is necessary to tear down the present city, half of the existing houses [are to be left], and of these one-third are to be given [to the Lebedians] and you are to have two-thirds; if a certain part of the city is torn down and the remaining houses [are enough] to receive both you and the Lebedians, [the] third part of these] are to be given to the Leb[edians]; if the remaining houses are not enough to receive both you [and the Lebedians], enough of the houses which are going to be torn down are to be left.

Seeing [that as far as lies in our power] we have made you free and autonomous in other respects [we thought] to exercise some care over your debts also that they might be paid off as soon as possible. [As, however], this plan for the supply of grain seems [advantageous], we think it best, in order that we may [omit] nothing [which is both just] and also advantageous to the demos that the [supplies] of grain should be established as the Lebedian envoys said, believing that there should be provided against security a total of a thousand (and) [four hundred] gold staters.

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