Biologically Inspired Physics by Hans Frauenfelder, Kelvin Chu, Robert Philipp (auth.), L. PDF

By Hans Frauenfelder, Kelvin Chu, Robert Philipp (auth.), L. Peliti (eds.)

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The workshop "Biologically encouraged Physics" used to be prepared, with the aid of the NATO clinical Affairs department and the Directorate-General for technology, learn and improvement of the fee of the eu groups, with a purpose to evaluation a few topics of physics of condensed subject that are encouraged by means of organic difficulties or take care of organic platforms, yet which handle actual questions. the most themes mentioned within the assembly have been: 1. Macromolecules: particularly, proteins and nucleic acids. exact emphasis used to be put on modelling protein folding, the place analogies with disordered platforms in con­ densed subject (glasses, spin glasses) have been prompt. it's not transparent at this aspect no matter if such analogies may help in fixing the folding challenge. fascinating difficulties in nucleic acids (in specific DNA) take care of the dynamics of semiflexible chains with torsion and the connection among topology and native constitution. They come up from such organic difficulties as DNA packing or supercoiling. 2. Membranes: This box has witnessed fresh growth within the knowing of the statistical mechanics of fluctuating versatile sheets, resembling lipid bilayers. it seems that one is with reference to realizing form fluctuations in purple blood cells on a molec­ ular foundation. Open difficulties come up from phenomena comparable to budding or membrane fusion. Experiments on version structures, equivalent to vesicle platforms or man made lipids, have nice strength. Phenomena taking place contained in the membrane (protein diffusion, ionic pumps) have been in simple terms mentioned briefly.

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At this stage we will incorporate in the theory the information coming from the chemistry. Unfortunately at the present moment the theoretical analysis of protein folding from the point of view of statistical mechanics is still at its infancy; before drawing definite conclusions we must wait for the development and the refinement of a general theory of heteropolymer folding. The most interesting results have been obtained in ref. 11; these results however are based on some approximations whose validity is doubtful in the real three dimensional word (it is likely that they are correct in the unphysical case where the dimensions of the space goes to infinity).

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