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By Ian Douglas

ISBN-10: 0062197991

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Within the twenty third Century, warfare remains to be hell... army Corpsman Elliot Carlyle joined as much as store lives and spot the universe. Now he and Bravo Company's Black Wizards of the interstellar Fleet Marine strength are en path to Bloodworld--a hellish, risky rock colonized by way of the fanatical Salvationists who wanted an inhospitable global the place they can endure for humanity's sins. Their penance may perhaps end up fatal--for the Qesh, an odd alien race detected yet nonetheless mysterious for 6 many years, have made violent first touch. unexpectedly numerous lives depend on Bravo Company--perhaps even the destiny of homeworld Earth itself--as the Marines organize to confront an unlimited strength of robust, inscrutable enemies. And one devoted medic, singled out by way of a unprecedented act of valor, will locate himself with an surprising chance to change the universe forever...

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Together we helped to lift her on to the ambulance trolley. On our way to Vaughan's apartment he recognized an airport whore waiting in the forecourt of a motorway restaurant, a part-time cinema usherette for ever worrying about her small son's defective hearing-aid. As they sat behind me she complained to Vaughan about my nervous driving, but he was watching her movements with an abstracted gaze, almost encouraging her to gesture with her hands and knees. On the deserted roof of a Northolt multi-storey car-park I waited by the balustrade.

Around me, the empty beds contained a hundred histories of collision and bereavement, the translation of wounds through the violence of aircraft and automobile crashes. Two nurses moved through the ward, tidying the beds and radio headphones. These amiable young women ministered within a cathedral of-invisible wounds, their burgeoning sexualities presiding over the most terrifying facial and genital injuries. As they adjusted the harness around my legs, I listened to the aircraft rising from London Airport.

After his last attempt to kill my wife Catherine, I knew that Vaughan had retired finally into his own skull. In this overlit realm ruled by violence and technology he was now driving for ever at a hundred miles an hour along an empty motorway, past deserted filling stations on the edges of wide fields, waiting for a single oncoming car. In his mind Vaughan saw the whole world dying in a simultaneous automobile disaster, millions of vehicles hurled together in a terminal congress of spurting loins and engine coolant.

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