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Boiotia used to be - subsequent to Athens and Sparta - some of the most very important areas of historical Greece. Albert Schachter, a number one professional at the zone, has for lots of many years pioneered and fostered the exploration of it and its humans via his study. His seminal courses have coated all points of its historical past, associations, cults, and literature from past due Mycenaean occasions to the Roman Empire, revealing a mastery of the epigraphic facts, archaeological info, and the literary culture. This quantity with ease brings jointly twenty-three papers (two formerly unpublished, others revised and up to date) which show a compelling highbrow coherence and a story type refreshingly proof against jargon. All significant issues of Boiotian historical past from early Greece to Roman instances are touched upon, and the e-book could be learn as a heritage of Boiotia, in items.

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If, as has been suggested, the place Hapha-i is connected with a goddess Haphaia, she would have to be a goddess similar to the Aiginetan Aphaia. 10 11 See Del Freo 2009. B. Sergent would take it further: Sergent 1994, 1997, 1999, 2010. His theories are dealt with by Palaima 2011. 10 Introduction A study of the votive offerings found at her sanctuary on Aigina has shown that Aphaia was a kourotrophos: figurines – Mycenaean as well as Hellenic – depict a woman with a babe in arms. 12 She may also lurk behind the Boiotian tendency to locate the births of major deities in Boiotia: Zeus at Chaironeia, Thebes and Plataia, Athena near the Alalkomeneion, Dionysos at Thebes, Apollo at Tegyra, Hermes at Tanagra, Herakles at Thebes.

This must go back to the earliest stages of their development, and might explain why at Dodona the Boiotoi continued to be dealt with by male prophets, even after that oracle had succumbed to the Delphic fashion and gone over to the use of prophetesses. , Il. 234–5: ἀμφὶ δὲ Σελλοὶ | σοὶ ναίουσιν ὑποφῆται ἀνιπτόποδες χαμαιεῦναι (‘Your prophets, the Selloi, dwell about you, their feet unwashed, sleeping on the ground’). See Schachter 1967a. 22 These cult connections link every part of Boiotia with north-west Greece.

2 These brief passages presuppose a knowledge of Kadmos’ wedding to 1 2 Cf. Vermeule 1971: 177 and 183–4; Demand 1982: 53. The Thebans at the time were more interested in the adventures of the infant Herakles, if their coins are anything to go by. , Od. 333–5: τὸν δὲ ἴδεν Κάδμου θυγάτηρ, καλλίσφυρος Ἰνώ, Λευκοθέη, ἣ πρὶν μὲν ἔην βροτὸς αὐδήεσσα, νῦν δ’ ἁλὸς ἐν πελάγεσσι θεῶν ἒξ ἔμμορε τιμῆς. (‘But the daughter of Kadmos saw him, fair-ankled Ino Leukothee, who once spoke with a mortal voice, but now had her share of honours from the gods in the depths of the sea’).

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