Bill Gates’ article in Time Magazine should inspire CAM patients and practitioners

Bill Gates was recently Guest Editor for an edition of Time Magazine. He talks about the need to remain optimistic is the face of a continual barrage of bad news, saying that the world is overall getting better.

Complementary healthcare faces continuous attacks and criticism from those determined to see its demise.

In his article Bill Gates says, “So why does it feel like the world is in decline? I think it is partly the nature of news coverage. Bad news arrives as drama, while good news is incremental—and not usually deemed newsworthy. A video of a building on fire generates lots of views, but not many people would click on the headline “Fewer buildings burned down this year.”

What those involved in complementary healthcare should remember is that patients continue to seek help from complementary therapists, and thousands of complementary therapists improve the quality of life of people every single day. That is never going to get front page news coverage.

Conventional medicine is still failing to deliver the individual person-centred care that modern healthcare demands. As Bill Gates says,”When you see good things happening, you can channel your energy into driving even more progress.” Complementary healthcare needs to be positive about its contribution, make noise about it, and not let the headline grabbing negativity drown it out.

You can read the whole of Bill Gates’ article below:

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