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Healing therapy in patients with irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease

This two year trial was led by the University of Birmingham, known for first-rate research, and funded by the National Lottery (£205,000). It involved 200 NHS hospital patients with longstanding illnesses – irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. These conditions put a strain on NHS resources, and there is no medical cure for either condition. They affect every aspect of a patient’s life.

Each patient received five weekly healing sessions in addition to best medical care. Healing was conducted by members of The Healing Trust. Results revealed clinically and statistically significant improvements in respect of physical issues and quality of life. The majority of gains were retained for 19 weeks after the final healing session, and researchers stated that benefits exceeded that which could be associated with placebo. Patients enjoyed the experience. A promising study.

Location : West Midlands    

Fit for the Future

Fit for the Future was a BIG Lottery funded health and wellbeing project that worked to improve physical and mental wellbeing of older people with long-term health conditions. The aim of the project was to prove how a more holistic, coordinated approach to services and activities can improve quality of life and increase healthy life expectancy, thereby delaying the need for more intensive, costly health and social care and enabling people to maintain their independence for longer.

Success stories include a patient with type one diabetes, hypertension and osteoarthritis joining the programme, being assessed, and then attending Tai Chi classes and seeing a nutritionist. The result was improved mobility, a reduced insulin prescription and blood pressure dropping to a healthy level.

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